The Journey Starts Here!

Welcome to our site and the beginning of our story…

We are the Migrating Mavericks but before you come with us on our journey across Asia, we are going to take you back to the very beginning.

Once upon a time in Mexico boy met girl, blah, blah, blah you know how it goes… Only boy was from Australia, girl was half Macedonian, half Croatian and living in Dubai. To cut a very long story short, after a year of countless flights back and forward, boy moved to Dubai and after 5 long years in the sandpit they decided to build their first home. This is not your ordinary home, but a very mobile one on six wheels ready to take them on the adventure of a lifetime. Boy builds, girl the forever apprentice assists and so it begins…

Separate we are Peter and Elena, together we are the Migrating Mavericks. We are currently on the road with our two cats Lynx and Tiara, taking it day by day, looking for the next adventure . This has been the ultimate dream for both of us and on July 16, 2022 we turned it into reality. Every day a new place, with new people, cultures, experiences, foods and all the joys of full time traveling.

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Driving Through Iran

As adventures go, this one was one for the books! Let me start by saying, we know a lot of Iranians living in Dubai and we spoke to dozens of people who have traveled to Iran as tourists so we were under the impression that we were well informed… HA! Looking back at it now,…

Crossing the Persian Gulf

Transporting our home, fur babies and us from Sharjah to Bandar Abbas, Iran The very first step from our journey was crossing the waters of the Persian Gulf. Since our trip was starting from Dubai we didn’t have another option because we didn’t want to take the risk to drive through Iraq or Syria. When…

Registering a Custom Bus Build in Dubai

How we converted a bus into a home on wheels in Dubai  First things first, welcome to the Migrating Mavericks site and our very first blog post!  Let’s start at the very beginning… October 2020 is when this idea turns into a reality. A few months after Dubai started opening up since the Covid lockdown…


  • 16th July 2022 – Left the UAE on a ferry from Sharjah to Bandar Abbas, Iran

  • 17th July 2022 – Cleared the bus from the Iranian customs and officially started our journey!

  • 17th July – 5th September 2022 – Traveled 3300km around Iran

  • 6th September – 29th November – 3700km of Turkish adventures

  • 29th November – 20th February – Georgian winter adventures

  • 20th February – TBC – Armenian fun times



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