Peter (Party Pete) McCarthy.

G’day mate, how you goin?

If you can’t already tell by that first sentence, I’m a thongs wearing, bush loving, butchering the English language Aussie. Born and raised in Melbourne, I’ve lived there most of my life. I am a carpenter by trade which definitely came in handy when building the bus.

One day when I was 28 years old instead of buying a house, settling down, planning for a future and all that stuff that most normal people do, I decided to take all my savings and go for a one-year trip around the Americas. So, instead of a house, I bought a van and off I went. At the very end of my trip In Mexico, I met my future wife Elena. Now together we are living our travel dream, an even bigger, longer and crazier adventure. She has brought many changes into my life and this is the last upgrade. Goodbye van life and hello bus living!

Elena (Cookie) Popovska.

Hello world…

Do not panic, even though I’m not originally from an English-speaking country, I’m here to translate everything that Peter says.

I was born in Skopje, Macedonia to a Macedonian father and a Croatian mother. I’m a former swimmer and an Olympian. Swimming was a huge part of my life and has definitely shaped me into the person I am today. After my swimming career was over, I needed a change and I packed my stuff and moved to Dubai. I’ve been living here since the age of 22. At 25, me and some friends went to Mexico for a few weeks. There, at a random jungle party I met this savage barefoot Aussie (he didn’t have shoes for days) After a year of long distance and flying back and forward every few weeks he decided to pack his entire life and follow me to Dubai. Here we started our new life together. We got married in the Seychelles and now we are here to tell you all about the most adventurous undertaking of our lives so far. So here it goes…

Together we’re the Migrating Mavericks!


So, as we mentioned already, our project started in Dubai. It took us 18 months as well a lot of blood, sweat and tears to finish our home on wheels. Finally, on the 15th of July 2022 the plan turned into reality. We shipped our bus to Iran and the very next day both of us and our 2 kitties followed suit and got on a ferry to reunite with our home in Bandar Abbas. Once all the paperwork was done our journey begun. The plan is to explore Iran for 2 months before heading over to Turkey followed by Georgia, Armenia and the rest of the Asian continent. Unfortunately due to political situations as well as Covid restrictions we do not have a strict itinerary and the route will make itself known as we go along. The ultimate goal is to cross as many countries in Asia as possible. As for our final destination, we still do not have a plan in mind, so the so called plan isn’t really a plan at all 😜 For more details and to keep up to date with the Mavericks’ odyssey head over to our blog or one of our social media pages.

Then the adventure begins…

December 15th 2021 is our day! Once we leave Dubai our journey will begin in Iran. We will take a ferry and once we come on the other side, we will be on the road for two whole years. Full time travelers, us, the road and whatever awaits.