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While we are on the road making memories and writing new blogs here’s a little image of three thirsty giraffes from Etosha National Park in Namibia for your viewing pleasure.

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Crossing the Persian Gulf (Sharjah to Bandar Abbas)

The very first step from our journey was crossing the waters of the Persian Gulf. Since our trip was starting from Dubai we didn’t have another option because we didn’t want to take the risk to drive through Iraq or Syria. When looking online majority of the information was pre Covid and outdated, so we…

Registering a Custom Bus Build in Dubai

How we converted a bus into a home on wheels in Dubai  First things first, welcome to the Migrating Mavericks site and our very first blog post!  Let’s start at the very beginning… October 2020 is when this idea turns into a reality. A few months after Dubai started opening up since the Covid lockdown…

One was not enough, here’s a little slideshow from a few of our previous trips together, putting these together got us both excited for the new exciting adventures to come. Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoyed taking them.